Up a Creek Without a Paddle

My name is Luke, and I am a Forge Apprentice. This is my first time working at Camp Arnes and I am really enjoying it so far. One of the first things the Forge Apprentices did was to go on a canoe trip, so we could get to know the people we will be spending the next year with. It was really fun getting to know everyone and making memories for the first time together.

One memory that stands out is that my canoeing partner, Nahanni, and I were paddling pretty far ahead of everyone so we started to mess around. In the distance we saw some reeds sticking out of land like a peninsula and we assumed it would just be reeds in water. So instead of paddling around we imagined that we could go right through it, as a short cut. So once I steered us in the direction and as we got closer we started to notice that the water was getting very shallow. Right when we got to the reeds we realized that there was a lot of mud underneath us, but we thought we could make it. So we continued through, once we reached halfway our canoe stopped moving. We looked down and saw our canoe was deep in mud. We really wanted the short cut to work, so instead of doing the smart thing of just backing up and going around, Nahanni got out of the canoe and stood in the mud and pulled the canoe while I tried to paddle out. After minutes of effort we finally got the canoe through. When Nahanni tried to get back into the canoe, she realized that her foot was stuck. We waited so she could get her foot unstuck then we continued our canoe trip. That started the trend for the rest of the canoe trip to take really dumb and pointless shortcuts and its something we still laugh about.

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