Can-You Canoe?

My name is Taylia, and I’m a first year Apprentice in the Forge program. My time in Forge has been filled with unexpected adventures and lots of time spent laughing.

One of the most memorable times was our first week of Forge; the canoe trip. I had never been on a canoe trip before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but my canoe partner Josh was lots of fun throughout the trip. At one point we were doing an exercise and Josh had to be blindfolded. We didn’t exactly have a blindfold, so I threw Josh my hat as a blindfold. We did awesome and were the first to finish the exercise. Then Josh threw back my hat (badly) and it landed in the middle of the canoe. He grabbed it again and threw another horrible toss. This time I leaned back to grab the hat, but with both of us leaning to one side and the waves hitting the side, you can guess what happened next. I tried to grab the hat as the canoe flipped but still failed. The bad part was that I lost my new Jets hat, but it was nice going for an impromptu swim. We then got to learn how to do a T-Rescue with the canoes. Josh and I just laughed about it and now have a fun story to share.

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