"Forging" Forward

The second year of Forge is well under way and one of my first tasks has been to work alongside a few others to help create the New Forge Website! Stepping into my Second Year of Forge took a little bit to get used to. After spending almost a year constantly outside, the Internship has certainly been a welcome adventure. I have definitely felt my creative juices being stretched and molded as the six of us Forge Interns have been learning and planning numerous events.

This year I get the opportunity to work closely with the Director of Forge as her assistant, which brings its own challenges. One of these challenges is to learn how a program like Forge works. Its been an eye opening experience, to say the least, and I'm looking forward to growing a lot in myself and to continue stretching my comfort zones. The coming months will involve getting ready to go the beautiful land of New Zealand or Australia. The point is to experience camp in a different setting. I'm excited and welcome your prayers for the coming months. Talk to you all soon and remember: Go Forth and Conquer!!!

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