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Forge Life

What does a regular week look like?

Every morning working staff meet in the Dining Hall for an 8:00 am morning meeting. After the meeting everyone meets with their Supervisor and finds out the tasks for the day. Forge Apprentices (Year Ones) will spend most of their time working in Outdoor Education. The term Outdoor Education is what we use to describe the programs we run for schools and other groups that come in throughout the week. Camp Arnes runs all year and, generally, we have schools come throughout the week days and Rental Groups on the weekends; usually youth groups, families and other retreats. Forge Apprentices will help host these groups, run activities, and help make sure accomodations are clean before and after groups come. They also keep the pool nice and clean for our guests! You can find out more about Camp Arnes' Outdoor Education Program here ! Every Tuesday night Forge Apprentices meet at the "Forge House" and have dinner cooked by two lucky Forge participants followed by a weekly Bible Study led by the Forge Director. No week looks the same because there are always different groups and activities running. In slower seasons of Camp, Forge Apprentices will spend more time doing Leadership Training days and other Forge components.

Are there breaks?

Students will work a certain amount of days a month and receive days off throughout (e.g. One week you might have the weekend off, another week you might have Monday to Tuesday off, etc). There is a longer break around Christmas for about two weeks. Time off for family holidays or other things can be worked out with your supervisor!

Where do participants live?

Stay tuned for new housing in Fall 2020! Forge housing is fully furnished. If Forge participants stay for a second year as an Intern, they will live in seperate male and female staff housing.

What's the food situation?

All Forge Participants have the option of having lunch and dinner provided for them by the Camp Arnes kitchen. Forge Apprentices (Year Ones) will have breakfast foods such as milk and cereal provided for them based on what the kitchen keeps in stock!

What certifications will we be getting?

Forge Participants will get a variety of certifications for different areas of Camp Ministry (eg. Lifeguarding, High Ropes Training, First Aid, etc.). Check out our certification page for a complete list!

In regards to lifeguarding, what if I can't swim?

Forge Participants have come with different swimming level abilities, from already being a lifeguard to just about zero swimming (and floating) abilities. Students will work with our Training Director to help get you to where you need to be for lifeguarding. You'd be suprised what you can do once you put your mind to it!

Can I use my certifications in places other than Camp Arnes?

Some cerifications are recognized nationally such as NLS (lifeguarding), First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, etc. while other certifications are site specific such as Belay Training. The skills are transferable but the certifications are not.

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