Certifications and Training

Learning takes many forms in Forge; from formal learning to practical application, and everything in between. Training and certification in sought after skills will open new horizons of opportunity when the year is out. More importantly, the work ethic and self discipline you build will transfer to whatever it is you're called to. 

Wall Climbing Belay Certification

This full day course covers risk management, equipment care and use, climbing techniques, belaying techniques, emergency procedures and site specific information.

ACCT Equivalent Level 1 Belay

This Challenge Course belay certification is a two day course and is an equivalent to an ACCT Level 1. Included in this course is risk management, course care, equipment use and care, dynamic belay techniques and site specific training.

Finance Course

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education has created a workbook called Money and Youth. Using this guide, we take the students through a one day course on money management.

Bronze Medallion

This three day Lifesaving Society course teaches basic self rescue and rescue of others based on the Lifesaving ladder approach.

Bronze Cross

This three day course builds on the foundation laid out in the Bronze Medallion course and is recognized in Manitoba as an Assistant Lifeguard qualification.

National Lifeguard

This is a Canada-wide recognized professional Lifeguard course. The five day course equips the candidates to work in any aquatic setting.

Standard First Aid/CPR-C

This two day course includes primary assessments (life threatening conditions), secondary assessments, personal protection,  as well as assessment, treatment and follow up of medical emergencies, cardiac arrest and injuries.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid

This five day course builds on everything taught in a Standard First Aid course with an emphasis on the unique needs of long term care in a wilderness and remote setting as well as evacuation techniques.

Paddle Canada Lake Tandem, Beginner - Intermediate

This two day course takes its participants through everything from the parts of a canoe to t-rescues, changing positions and portaging.

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